A few photographs “From” & “Of” Jerome Arizona

a major lightning strike in Clarkdale captured from Jerome Arizona

There are so many opportunities for photographers visiting Jerome Arizona. From the iconic old brick structures and crumbling buildings to the beautifully restored buildings as well as the Gold King Mine, just outside of town on Perkinsville Road, just past the Jerome Fire Department building, about 3/4 of a mile up the paved road.

Here are a few of my photographs with no real theme along with descriptions. If you like anything that you see here, please don’t steal them! Some of these may be purchased on my JeromePhotos.com website.

Enjoy Jerome Arizona Responsibly!

closeup of a butterfly on a lilac bloom
Photographed on April 21, 2006 in my Jerome Arizona yard.
snow and early morning fog with the Powderbox Church
The Powderbox Church in Jerome is a Private Residence off of Douglas Mansion Road in Jerome Az. Photographed on December 22, 2006.
a Lincoln Continental Convertible parked in Jerome Az
What a beautiful old Lincoln Continental Convertible seen parked on an always busy weekend in Jerome Az. Photographed on August 8, 2008 by Ron Chilston
Sycamore Point with late afternoon light
The Sycamore Canyon Wilderness area is photographed from a spot off of Sycamore Point. This location is well worth the drive on dirt roads, believe it or not, from Jerome Az! Photographed on August 31st, 2008.
Cleopatra Hill and Jerome glow red just after sunset
A magic light image of Jerome with the “J” on Cleopatra Hill. This photograph was taken on November 13, 2008 from the Old Jerome Cemetery.
the catholic church on County Rd in Jerome Az at sunrise during monsoon season
Captured just after sunrise during monsoon season, the Catholic Church in Jerome Az glows with the warm early morning light.
cleopatra hill seen at sunrise from main street in jerome arizona
A monsoon sunrise lights up Cleopatra Hill on July 11, 2009 in Jerome Az.
many old houses can be seen on the side of Cleopatra Hill after a winter storm in Jerome
After a winter storm is always a great time to walk around Jerome Arizona with a camera and tripod. This photograph was taken with a telephoto lens from the Jerome Historical Society lookout on December 30, 2010.
jerome town photograph from 2010
The official Jerome Town Photograph from 2010.
daybreak in jerome arizona from sunshine hill
An HDR composite image of Jerome Arizona taken from Sunshine Hill on December 10, 2011.
a major lightning strike in Clarkdale captured from Jerome Arizona
A major monsoon sparks many lightning bursts. This particular burst struck a powerline condenser in Clarkdale Arizona, causing a power outage. Photograph taken on July 29, 2012 from our porch in Jerome Arizona.
a super moonrise obscured by a cloud appears as a UFO
This photograph was taken after the Super Moonrise of June 23, 2013. It was taken from the roof of the Jerome Fire Department. Notice how the low-lying cloud makes the moon look as though it is a hovering UFO.
early morning fog obscures the town of clarkdale arizona with the Douglas mansion in the foreground
The Douglas Mansion can be seen against a backdrop of low dense clouds after a September Monsoon storm. Photograph taken on September 9, 2013 from our porch in Jerome Arizona.
monsoon rainbow in jerome arizona
The Jerome State Park on the left and the Queen’s Neighbor Art Gallery on the right with a span of monsoon rainbow between. Photograph taken on September 9, 2013 from our porch in Jerome Arizona.
looking in to Sycamore canyon from jerome arizona
A long lens helps to capture Sycamore Canyon in late afternoon light from our porch in Jerome Arizona on October 2, 2013.
low clouds beyond jerome obscures the entire verde valley
We often see low clouds after storms in Jerome, but this is relatively rare. The entire Verde Valley and beyond are obscured by these low lying winter clouds from a photograph taken on December 20, 2013 from the roof of the Jerome Fire Department.
the iconic little daisy motel with low lying winter clouds
Winter fog and snow can be seen as the Little Daisy sits in the moody setting. Photograph taken on December 21, 2013.
the old jerome high school can be seen with the verde valley stretching beyond
Shooting with a long lens helps to “compress” the scene. Here, the Old Jerome High School can be seen in an early morning photograph with Cottonwood, Camp Verde and the Mogollon Rim stretching beyond. Photograph taken on January 13, 2014 in Jerome Arizona.
main street at sunrise in jerome arizona
A darkened main street in Jerome Arizona at sunrise on January 28, 2014.
a moody photograph in jerome
February 7, 2014 with early morning fog and very chilly temperatures. I was fortunate in that someone had parked and left their car running with the lights on. This helped to light the scene on Hull Avenue in Jerome Arizona.
the san francisco peaks covered in snow
I always enjoy photographing the San Francisco Peaks during the different seasons. You know, Winter and Monsoon seasons anyway! This photograph was taken on April 3, 2014 after a snow storm. We don’t often see snow extending this far down the red rocks to the right of the peaks.